Use TroopTrack to plan events, invite guests or members, and record attendance. Stay one step ahead of your troop's schedule.


Handle all your important information, including members, equipment, finances, and more!


Stay in contact with your troops using spam-proof email distribution lists and an automatic monthly newsletter personalized for each member.


Help your scouts achieve by tracking progress on awards, planning award ceremonies, and helping you manage badge purchases.


Share what you've accomplished with photo albums, links, documents, and custom web pagespersonalized for each member.

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Track Achievements

Achievement tracking is crucial in a scouting software and TroopTrack offers the most robust achievement tracking in the industry. TroopTrack follows the requirements from your organization and can even add custom achievements. Record invidual progress or in bulk.

Plan an Event

Here you can create an event with title, location, event type, rsvp deadline, fees, assign coordinators, reminders, event registration limits, or even invite individuals or specific mailing lists.


Send emails, texts, & newsletters to everyone involved or to specific custom mailing lists and groups. Send out announcements, reminders, checklists, and more.

Record Attendance

Pick an event from the calendar and record attendance after the event. You can track who wore uniform, what was accomplished at the event (service hours, miles hiked, tent nights, what specfic achievements or awards), etc.

Payment Processing

Collect payment for for charged events, paid campouts, or collect funds for fundraisers.

Member Privileges

Assign privileges to people who can manage money, who can manage equipment, who can upload pictures. You can manage access levels (None, Self, Household, Patrol/Den, Unit).

Money Management

Keep track of every financial trasaction, dates, and the accounts responsible. Add receipts and more.

Custom Reports

Create customized reports for awards, training, participation, equipment, events, households, leadership, attendance, members achievements and more.

Parent Funded Accounts

Parents can fund their youth through a standing money account held by the troop on our software. Then leaders can automatically bill the account for expenses, paid events or activities, or any dues and fees.

Check-In / Out

TroopTrack allows troops to set up libraries or equipment lists to easily check-in and check-out books, gear, or equipment to any member.


Assigning members/scouts to households, parents, and families

Hours, Miles, & Nights

Keep track of the most tedious of recordings by using TroopTracker to log all of it for you. Track service hours, miles hiked, nights, and more.

Data Sync

AHG and BSA units (packs, troops, crews, ships, etc.) can sync with their respective organization-specific websites, so they don’t have to enter things on our site AND the other. This allows them to import/export membership data, awards, trainings, etc.